What is a Wounded Place?


Just type in your zip code, and these sites will give you information, background, and locations of ecologically damaged or endangered places in your area:

Scorecard: The Pollution Information Site 

EPA: (Environmenal Protection Agency)

CQS.com/esuper.htm: Sites that have been removed from the EPA's Superfund list, but are still toxic

What's a wounded place?

Here are a few examples from past Global Earth Exchanges:
The ocean
A gas fracking site
A clear-cut forest
The Gulf of Mexico
Animals existing in food factories
The war-torn streets of Kabul
A favorite tree blown down in a storm
A town hit by the tsunami in Japan
A polluted lake
The sky
An ancient African village
A trash dump
A desecrated sacred site
Endangered honeybees
Endangered bats
Wetlands plowed for a shopping mall
boulder geex bird singing to coal plantAny place you love that has fallen onto hard times is wounded. And you can give it beauty and attention by joining the world for the Global Earth Exchange June 21.
Because every place, like every person, is a valuable and beautiful part of the whole.


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